The Bubble Plot Launch Window
The Y and X columns become the y and x coordinates of the bubbles in the plot. These values can be continuous or categorical (nominal or ordinal).
Controls the size of the bubbles. The area of the bubbles is proportional to the Size value. There is a minimum bubble size, to keep bubbles visible, even if the size value is zero. If Size is left blank, the default bubble size is proportional to the number of rows in that combination of Time and ID.
After you click OK, the Bubble Plot report window appears.
Specifying a second ID variable provides a hierarchy of categories, but the bubbles are not split by the second category until they are selected and split interactively. In the launch window, if you specify a second ID variable, Split and Combine buttons appear in the report window.
For example, you might specify a country as the first ID variable, resulting in a separate aggregated bubble for each country. A second ID variable, perhaps designating regions within each country, would further split each country when the interactive Split button under the graph is pressed.
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