Open the data table called, found in Design Experiment folder in the Sample Data installed with JMP. This table contains the design runs and the Percent Reacted experimental results for the 12-run Plackett-burman design created in the previous section.
The data table has two scripts called Screening and Model, showing in the upper-left corner of the table, that were created by the DOE Screening designer. You can use these scripts to analyze the data, however it is simple to run the analyses yourself.
Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Design Experiment/
Select Analyze > Modeling > Screening.
Launch Dialog for the Screening Platform
Screening Report
If all effects are inactive, their estimates are random normal noise. Their estimates (contrasts) should fall close to the line shown in the Half Normal plot in Screening Report. Effects that fall far from the line are likely not noise, and so may represent active effects. Note that effects with Individual p-Values that fall below 0.10 are highlighted in the Contrasts outline. These effects are labeled in the Half Normal Plot and then tend to fall far from the line.