If you have no variables in the X or Y zone, you can drag multiple variables from the Variables list into the X or Y zone. This merges the selected variables.
If you have existing variables in the X or Y zone where you want to add variables, note the following:
If you merge a categorical variable with an existing continuous variable, then the categorical variable is transformed into integer values. For example, using the Students.jmp data, if sex is merged with height, the values of sex (F and M) are transformed into 0 and 1. The transformation allows the two variables to use the same axis and scale.
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Use the Value Ordering column property. See the Using JMP book.
The default ordering statistic is the mean. To use another statistic, right-click on the variable and select Order Statistic. The available statistics are N, Mean, Median, Min, Max, Range, Sum, and % of Total.
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