Mixture Profiler shows an example of the Mixture Profiler for the sample data in Plasticizer.jmp. To generate the graph shown, select Mixture Profiler from the Graph menu. In the resulting Mixture Profiler launch window, assign Pred Formula Y to the Y, Prediction Formula role and click OK. Delete the Lo and Hi limits from p1, p2, and p3.
Many of the features shown are the same as those of the Contour Profiler and are described on Contour Profiler Platform Options. Some of the features unique to the Mixture Profiler include:
If you have more than three factors, use the radio buttons at the top left of the Mixture Profiler window to graph other factors. For detailed explanation of radio buttons and plot axes, see Explanation of Ternary Plot Axes.
If the factors have constraints, you can enter their low and high limits in the Lo Limit and Hi Limit columns. This shades non-feasible regions in the profiler. As in Contour Plot, low and high limits can also be set for the responses.
Mixture Profiler