Sensitivity Indicators
Maximization Options Window
Response Grid Window
Remember Settings adds an outline node to the report that accumulates the values of the current settings each time the Remember Settings command is invoked. Each remembered setting is preceded by a radio button that is used to reset to those settings.
Set To Data in Row assigns the values of a data table row to the Profiler.
Copy Settings Script and Paste Settings Script enable you to move the current Profiler’s settings to a Profiler in another report.
Append Settings to Table appends the current profiler’s settings to the end of the data table. This is useful if you have a combination of settings in the Profiler that you want to add to an experiment in order to do another run.
Link Profilers links all the profilers together. A change in a factor in one profiler causes that factor to change to that value in all other profilers, including Surface Plot. This is a global option, set or unset for all profilers.
Set Script sets a script that is called each time a factor changes. The set script receives a list of arguments of the form:
Then enter ProfileCallbackLog in the Set Script dialog.
Unthreaded enables you to change to an unthreaded analysis if multithreading does not work.
Factor Settings Window