Using the Capability red triangle menu, you can add normalized box plots, capability indices, and a summary table, as well as display a capability report for each individual variable in the analysis. These options are described in Capability Platform Options.
You can change the report default preference at File > Preferences > Platforms > Capability.
Default Results for Semiconductor
The Goal Plot shows, for each variable, the spec-normalized mean shift on the x-axis, and the spec-normalized standard deviation on the y-axis. It is useful for getting a quick, summary view of how the variables are conforming to specification limits. Hold your cursor over each point to view the variable name. The Goal Plot red triangle menu has the following commands:
Goal Plot shows the Goal Plot for the entire data set for the Semiconductor sample data table after selecting Shade CPK Levels from the Goal Plot red triangle menu.
Goal Plot
Mean Shift Normalized to Spec = (Mean(Col[i]) - Target) / (USL[i] - LSL[i])
with Tj being the target
Capability Box Plot
Capability Box Plot shows the Capability Box Plot for the Semiconductor sample data table. The left and right dotted green lines, drawn at ±0.5, represent the standardized LSLj and USLj respectively. This plot is useful for comparing variables with respect to their specification limits. For example, the majority of points for IVP1 are above its USL, while the majority of its points for IVP2 are less than its target. PNP2 looks to be on target with all data points in the spec limits.
Missing Spec Limits