The Initial Distribution Report Window
Note: To remove a variable, select Remove from the red triangle menu.
The red triangle menu next to each variable contains options that affect only that variable. See Options for Categorical Variables or Options for Continuous Variables. If you hold down the Control key and select a variable option, the option applies to all of the variables that have the same modeling type.
Double-click on a histogram bar, or right-click on a histogram bar and select Subset. A new data table is created that contains only the selected data.
Click on the red triangle next to the variable, and select Histogram Options. Options are slightly different depending on the variable modeling type. See Options for Categorical Variables or Options for Continuous Variables.
the Set Bin Width option
the Increment option
Select Tools > Grabber.
The Set Bin Width option is a more precise way to set the width for all bars in a histogram. To use the Set Bin Width option, from the red triangle menu for the variable, select Histogram Options > Set Bin Width. Change the bin width value.
The Increment option is another precise way to set the bar width. To use the Increment option, double-click on the axis, and change the Increment value.
Highlighting Bars and Rows
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Related Information 
Tip: To specify which summary statistics show in the report each time you run a Distribution analysis for a continuous variable, select File > Preferences > Platforms > Distribution Summary Statistics, and select the ones you want to appear.
Description of the Summary Statistics Report describes the statistics that appear by default.
Additional Summary Statistics describes additional statistics that you can add to the report using the Customize Summary Statistics window.
The mean calculated after removing the smallest p% and the largest p% of the data. The value of p is entered in the Enter trimmed mean percent text box at the bottom of the window. The Trimmed Mean option is not available if you have specified a Weight variable.
The nth root of the product of the data.
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