Local variables are most often used with Assignment functions, which can assign expressions to local variables that are used in a complex equation. (For details, see Assignment Functions in Formula Functions Reference.) This technique can sometimes simplify building an equation and improve the efficiency of its evaluation.
Click the menu on the formula element browser and select Local Variables from the formula element browser menu.
Click New Local Variable.
Click the local variable name in the Local Variables list. It appears in the formula as a bold italic term.
See Use Local Variables in a Formula, for an example of referencing local variables in a formula.
In the sample data folder that was installed when you installed JMP, open the Nonlinear Examples folder and then US Population.jmp.
Right-click the column name x-formula and select Formula.
After completing a nonlinear fit or after using the Reset button in the nonlinear control panel, the parameter’s value is the most recent value computed by the nonlinear platform.
Click New Parameter.
(Optional) To add several parameters (one for each level of a categorical variable, for example) at once, select Expand into categories, selecting column. Then select the column for which you want to expand the parameter.
Click the parameter name in the Parameters list. The parameter appears in the formula as bold type.