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Open Graph Builder to view the Gallery, which provides access to JMP data tables. Tap Big Class, a sample data table that is installed with Graph Builder.
Viewing a Graph
See Organize the Gallery for details about the Gallery.
In Customizing a Graph, weight and height have been dropped on the X and Y zones. sex, the variable in the Overlay zone, layers F and M responses on the graph. The levels are shaded blue and red.
Tap and drag an icon to a drop zone to add a graph type, or just tap an icon to change the graph type.
Customizing a Graph
In the iPad settings, tap Graph Builder, and then turn on Show Touch Points.
In Big Class, tap Edit above the graphs.
On the weight vs. height graph, tap to change the graph to a contour plot.
Tap Done.
Big Class with Updated Graph
Tap Undo to reverse the last change. To reverse the most recent Undo command, tap and hold Undo, and then tap Redo.
Return to the weight vs. height graph in Edit mode.
Tap and drag age to the middle of the Y zone.
age replaces weight, the Y variable.
Dragging and Dropping a Variable in the Y Zone
Tap and drag weight above age in the Y zone.
Charts for both weight and age appear. weight has a different graph type by default, the Points graph.
Adding a Second Variable to the Y Zone
View the Mean(height) & Mean(weight) vs. age graph in Edit mode to begin modifying properties for the line and bar charts.
On the second tab for Mean(height) & Mean(weight) vs. age, tap to display graph properties.
Properties: Select graph options such as confidence intervals and the type of summary statistics.
Graph: Change the marker size, graph borders, background color, and hide the footer.
Legend: Change the color theme of the graph and legend, hide the legend, and customize other legend properties.
Properties for a Line and Bar Chart
In the Line properties, tap Error Bars and then Confidence Interval.
Tap Legend, Mean(weight), Fill Color, and a shade of green.
Tap the back arrow twice, tap Mean(height), Line Color, and then tap a shade of purple.
Customized Line and Bar Charts in Big Class
View the third tab named Mean(height) & height vs. age in Edit mode to begin modifying these properties.
On the Mean(height) & height vs. age tab, tap to display graph properties.
Tap Graph.
If the tab includes multiple graphs, you can tap Apply To and then tap the graph that you want to modify as shown in Graph Properties Window. However, this example shows how to modify properties for one graph.
Graph Properties Window
Change the Marker Size to XL.
Customized Markers
Tap Background Color and then select a color.
Updated Marker Size and Background Color