Dear JMP® User,

Happy New Year! It's time to focus on my resolutions, which typically goes  something like this:
  • Complete a Tough Mudder race.
  • Start couponing so we can save money on groceries.
  • Write in a daily journal for my 2 ½ year old.
  • Cross-train at work so that I can acquire more skills and learn more about our business.
Training, couponing, writing and cross-training: That’s a lot of stuff to get done. Who has time for all of that? We all get 24 hours a day - that doesn't change. So, maybe I need to think about how I can be more focused, productive and efficient in those 24 hours. I’ve read about Pareto’s Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, which states that 80 percent of tasks can be done in 20 percent of the time. We can all benefit from viewing our to-do lists this way. If you apply that principle at home, you can prioritize what matters most and focus on that first. When it comes to work, let JMP training give you the knowledge needed to become more proficient – and feel like you have a few more hours in your day.

So how am I doing when it comes to tackling my resolutions? After analyzing my list of 20 or so, I finally settled on one: be a better and more productive me, whatever I choose to accomplish.

Here’s to a successful 2013, where time is on your side.

Best regards,
Brooke Fortson

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Ledi Trutna is the newest member of our JMP training team. Trutna taught statistics as a consultant for the past 13 years. Prior to consulting, she worked at AMD and Texas Instruments. She has been using JMP since JMP 3 and loves teaching with the software. Trutna has a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Duke University.


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New Orleans

Tips and Tricks

Combining Windows in JMP® 10 (Windows only)

Did you know that starting in JMP 10, you can easily combine multiple reports associated with a data table into a single report window without writing a JMP script? Suppose you have produced multiple analyses and graphs, and would like to display the results in one window. If you put the reports in a JMP journal, you lose the interactivity between the reports and the data table. To maintain this interactivity, use the new combining feature.

First, open Big from the Sample Data folder. Click the red triangles next to Distribution, Bivariate and Oneway in the Table panel, and select Run Script for each to produce three reports. Arrange the reports on your desktop as you would like them to be arranged in the combined window; both simple horizontal or vertical layouts are supported.

Check the box in the lower-right corner of each report.

Tip image 1

Click the downward pointing triangle next to the check box in any of the windows and select Combine selected windows.

Tip image 2

The three reports are combined in a single report window that is still linked to the data table!

Tip image 3

Clicking the red triangle next to Report displays a menu with several options.

Tip image 4

In the script submenu, there are familiar commands for saving a script to recreate the report. The Edit Application command opens the report in the Application Builder, which is also new in JMP 10, for further editing or customization.

Note: You can also combine selected windows from the Window -> Arrange submenu, or by selecting the reports in the JMP Home window, right-clicking on them, and selecting Combine.

You can learn more about this topic in our course Application Development Using the JMP Scripting Language.

This tip was provided by Monica Beals, JMP instructor.

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