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Dear JMP® User,

Imagine kicking back on your couch with the cool breeze coming through an open window, a warm mug of hot chocolate in hand and a self-paced JMP e-Course displayed on your laptop. With our new JMP Software: Data Exploration e-Course, you can do just that. This course has content equivalent to our classroom training, and the lessons include demos, practices and quizzes. Whether you are a new JMP customer or you are upgrading to JMP 9, this e-Course can help you learn the essentials of JMP.

I typically highlight a JMP instructor in this newsletter. This quarter, I would like to introduce you to the sales and marketing team for JMP training. Check out the “Your JMP Team” section for more information.

That’s all for 2010.  Until 2011…

Best regards,
Brooke Fortson

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Find a scheduled course near you!

Take one of our JMP® courses at a nearby training center or via Live Web! The January-June 2011 schedule is now available.

New JMP Book

JMP Essentials: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide for New Users
By Curt Hinrichs and Chuck Boiler

Don’t forget – if you take a class at one of our US training centers, you can purchase the book with a 20% discount!

Course Highlights

Do you know someone who uses the platform for SAS® Business Analytics but wants to learn more about SAS Visual BI? We have just the course! SAS Visual BI: Dynamic Data Visualization teaches how to use JMP software’s extensive graphical data exploration capabilities and integrate them with the platform. Tell your co-workers they too can use JMP with SAS!

Save 20% when you register for Custom Designs for Experiments! Mark Bailey, PhD, introduces a state-of-the-art approach to designing industrial laboratory experiments that is based on the latest statistical theory and numerical methods. View course outline and register. Offer only good in the US.
    New JMP® 9 e-Course

New interactive e-Course for JMP 9! JMP 9 users have a new way to learn with this interactive e-Course. Content equivalent to our classroom courses with the freedom of taking the lessons at your own pace.

Your JMP Training Team

We are your sales and marketing team for JMP training. We are committed to building long-term, successful partnerships with our users. If you have any questions about JMP training, send an e-mail to training@jmp.com or call 800-333-7660 and ask for one of us.

jmp team

Deborah Upchurch, Account Representative for JMP training, is no newbie; she has been with SAS Education for 27 years! Deborah is married with a son and a rescued Jack Russell terrier named Rocky.

Brooke Fortson, Marketing Specialist for JMP training, has been with SAS Education for two years. Brooke is married with a new baby boy and a dog named Ben.

Sharon Churchill, Account Representative for JMP training, has been with SAS Education for four years. She is a North Carolina native and is married with two daughters.

Tips and Tricks

Have you ever started to explore your data or begun an analysis on several variables and then wanted to dig a little deeper into the output? If you find yourself repeating the same clicks to expand your output, try “broadcasting” the command to all the variables.

Let’s suppose you have created histograms for the variables Weight, Waist, and Pulse in the Exercise data table that is found under Multivariate Analysis in Sample Data under the Help menu.

To broadcast a command in JMP, simply hold down the CTRL key during the clicks required to execute the desired analysis. For example, you can explore this data further by creating a normal quantile plot for each variable. Instead of creating these plots one at a time, hold down the CTRL key while clicking the red triangle next to Weight and selecting Normal Quantile Plot. Voilà!

You have saved yourself time and energy. Try broadcasting a command on your data today!

This tip was provided by Stephanie Curtis, JMP Instructor.

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