Data Stories: What is your data telling you?

Behind every data set, every graph and every chart is a story just waiting to be told: a story about your company, your products, your processes, your successes. Through JMP Data Stories, we show you how you can use the advanced data visualization techniques in JMP® software to explore your data, answer your questions, and find out what your data's been trying to tell you.

Chocolate IconChocolate Enterprises: Visualizing Sweet Success

As the new CEO of Chocolate Enterprises, you need to gain an understanding of your sales data. Using the data integration and visualization capabilities of JMP, you'll see how JMP can help you quickly get a handle on what product lines are your top performers, and in which sales channels they are best performing. With this information, you'll be able to make the decisions to keep Chocolate Enterprises sales tasting sweet.

Baseball IconFantasy Baseball: Picking the All-stars

You are a baseball fan whose fantasy baseball league is about to hold its 2008 draft. You use JMP to analyze data on the top 200 professional baseball players of 2007. For instance, you’ll find out which teams have the top picks for a particular position; which professional league dominates a specific position; and which position has the most productive players. You’ll see how JMP’s interactive data visualization can help you develop a draft strategy, putting you on the road to victory.