JMP e-Learning Courses

Tap the full potential of JMP with self-paced e-learning courses from SAS.  Each e-course produces a certificate of completion, and is freely available to all faculty and students covered by an Academic Suite annual site license.

Contact the JMP Academic Team or your campus software license administrator for details.

The following complimentary courses are available with an Academic Suite site license:

  • JMP Software: A Case Study Approach to Data Exploration

    How to bring data into JMP, ask questions of the data, manipulate and clean up any issues with the data, create formulas where necessary, and create graphs and summary reports from the data. Uses a case study-based approach. (7 hours)

  • JMP Software: Data Exploration, Academic Version

    A shortened version of the classic JMP Software: Data Exploration e-course (takes roughly 2 hours). Includes the following topics: Navigate the JMP interface, manage data effectively in JMP, explore data by using JMP software's extensive graphical capabilities, create and manage reports in JMP.  Based on JMP 11.

  • JMP Software: ANOVA and Regression

    Introduction to statistics, comparing means, analysis of variance, simple linear regression, multiple regression, regression diagnostics, and analysis of covariance. (14 hours)

  • JMP Software: Classic Design of Experiments

    Introduction to design and analysis of experiments, multiple factor designs and blocking, screening designs, response surface methodology, and custom designs. (16 hours)

  • JMP Software: Custom Design of Experiments

    This course offers a fresh perspective about designing experiments through state-of-the-art features in JMP. This course specifically focuses on the principles of designing an experiment and how to use all of them to achieve an optimal design. (14 hours)

  • Instant Applications using JMP Application Builder

    Introduction to JMP applications, developing applications interactively, generalizing applications, and deploying applications.  Based on JMP 11. (4 hours)

JMP Teaching Materials from SAS Education

Faculty who use JMP in a course may be eligible for JMP teaching materials from SAS.  

For a complete list of available teaching materials available from SAS, visit SAS Training & Bookstore.