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The knowledge exchange continues… Think of this as an exclusive book club with an unrivaled recommended reading list. Here is what our thought leaders have written and read about their areas of expertise. The thought leaders’ lists are gathered at the time of their webcasts. Please return for additional suggestions from future guests.

Ulrich Rendtel

Ulrich Rendtel

Professor of Applied Statistics, School of Business and Economics, Freie Universität Berlin


Christine Anderson-Cook

Research Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Henry Reich

Henry Reich

Creator, MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth

Sig Mejdal

Sig Mejdal

Director of Decision Sciences, Houston Astros

Meeker, William Q.

William Q. Meeker

Professor of Statistics and Distinguished Professor, Iowa State University

Wainer, Howard

Howard Wainer

Distinguished Research Scientist, National Board of Medical Examiners

Meintrup, David

David Meintrup

Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research, Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Schrage, Michael

Michael Schrage

Research Fellow, MIT Sloan School of Management, Center for Digital Business

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Hunter, Stu

J. Stuart Hunter

Professor Emeritus, Princeton University

Goos, Peter

Peter Goos

Professor of Technology Management, University of Antwerp

Lifke, Don

Don Lifke

Process Engineer, Sandia National Labs

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