Trish Roth
Principal Scientist
Abbott Laboratories

Jeff Pennoyer
Manager, Environmental Monitoring and Microbiology
Abbott Laboratories

Many know JMP as a powerful tool for analytics and modeling and aspire to leverage JMP’s advanced capabilities to champion improvements and business understanding. It can take time and domain experience to achieve a high level of proficiency. Don’t dismay; we all start somewhere! Even at modest experience levels, value can rapidly be achieved using JMP fundamentals. Fundamentals can be quickly propagated across an organization to seed and inspire a culture of analytics. Hear how our team has integrated offerings from JMP education in a JMP “boot camp” format. The faster an organization can establish basic proficiency in JMP, the sooner it can benefit from that investment. Additionally, having a shared platform for both basic and advanced analytics creates a collaborative community, increases self-sufficiency, and provides a learning path to foster employee development. While sharing our training approach, we will demonstrate foundational JMP features, including data filters, tabulate, summary, recode, column formula, and column properties functions to track student progress. See JMP in action as we highlight methods to construct, customize and journal graph builder visuals in ways that entice spreadsheet users to make the “JMP” to becoming JMP data ninjas.