Discovery Summit

Exploring Data | Inspiring Innovation

Event Highlights

JMP hosted Discovery Summit China in Shenzhen for about 200 people from a variety of industries. JMP® users and expert data analysts discussed the latest global trends in data analysis and its application. This is the second Chinese summit in the Discovery Summit conference series, which has grown over almost a decade to include annual events in China, Japan, Europe and the United States.

"I have gained a lot from the training course and meetings during the past few days, I feel more confident to encourage my colleagues to love data analysis." -- Liangqing Zhu, from Cargill

The day began with three keynote talks featuring:

  • SAS co-founder and Executive Vice President John Sall on the JMP story. The JMP creator detailed the design and evolution of the software over 27 years, from release 1 to release 12, and noted that JMP 13 will be out in September.
  • Feng-Bin Sun of Tesla on data analysis in high-tech product and research development. He provided an overview of data analysis trends as seen in leading companies and examples featuring product reliability.
  • Author Kaiser Fung on why number sense is a priceless asset in data science. He likened the data analysis process to running an obstacle course full of trapdoors, dead ends and diversions, explaining why the best analysts have a keen sense of direction as they navigate data.

Experienced JMP users who have had great success using the software to overcome business challenges led breakout sessions that included demonstrations of best practices, many of which were based on real-life case studies.

A hallmark of Discovery Summit is the Ask the Experts session, where attendees get one-on-one time with JMP developers to learn tips and tricks, see demonstrations of new or unfamiliar features, and share hopes and suggestions for upcoming versions of the software. As always, these sessions were popular, with steady traffic throughout the conference.

“Attending JMP DOE training and the JMP Discovery Summit, I have seen many global and national [leaders] in the field of big data and quality, especially JMP’s founder, Mr. John Sall,” said Zhihua Zhang, SZ FTS Microelectronics Co., Ltd. “In the big data era, the people who understand the data win the world, without exception.”