Discovery Summit

Exploring Data | Inspiring Innovation

A best-in-class analytics conference

At Discovery Summit, brilliant data analysts gather to exchange best practices in data exploration, and play with both new and proven statistical techniques. There’s no better time to learn from fellow JMP users and to grow your network of analytically minded people.

At the conference you will:

  • Explore broad analytic ideas with world-renowned authorities in statistics, technology and innovation.
  • Participate in one-to-one conversations with JMP® developers and users from all industries.
  • Learn first-rate statistical techniques.
  • Find inspiration for interacting with your data to see patterns and trends.
  • Make analytics your framework for decision making, rather than an afterthought.
  • Add value to your organization by implementing strategy more efficiently.

Justify Your Trip

Give your boss all the right reasons to send you to Discovery Summit.

Event Venue
  • Discovery Summit
  • September 19-23, 2016
  • SAS World Headquarters
  • Cary, North Carolina