Using JMP® Pro to Model Functional Data

Presenter: Peter Hersh

Creating Models using JMP Pro Functional Data Explorer

See how to:

  • Understand functional data characteristics
  • Build model for situation that has a functional response
    • B-Spline on initial data: Model Controls, Knots, Model Selection, Fit Statistics, Diagnostic Plots
    • Function Summaries: Basis Function Coefficients, Random Coefficients by Function, Functional PCA
  • Target function mapping - find ideal spectral target and then maximize desirability to find factors that give the best profile
  • Build model for situation that has functional factors, not a functional response

Note: Q&A is included at times 14:27, 35:35, 36:54, 38:27, 39:22, 47:53 and 48:55.


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