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Experiment Even More Efficiently Using JMP® Definitive Screening Designs

Technically Speaking
Jeff Upton
Live Webinar

Date: Friday, Oct. 22
Time: 1 – 1:30 p.m. ET
Presenter: Jeff Upton
Location: Online
Registration: Free

You’ve heard about the huge improvements in efficiency attained by switching from a one-factor-at-a-time approach to design of experiments methodology. Maybe you have even embraced said methodology. It’s time again to innovate on your experimental process through the use of definitive screening designs. This approach to experimentation provides even greater gains in experimental efficiency compared to traditional designs. Join Jeff Upton as he uses definitive screening designs in JMP to develop a plan to simultaneously characterize and optimize a fermentation process with a case study for pDNA production.

You will learn:

  • What design of experiments is.
  • The differences among design options.
  • How to pick the "best" design to use.
  • How to build these experimental designs using JMP.
Who should attend:

Anyone interested in learning more about smart experimentation to reveal insights and create value faster.

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