Analytically Speaking

Quality Assurance in the Golden Age of Analytics

With Ron Kenett

With the advent of transformative new concepts like Industry 4.0, it’s clear that industry today has moved well beyond a traditional view of the role of statistics in manufacturing. So how, then, can statisticians contribute in an industrial setting? Applied statistician Ron Kenett says that in the golden age of analytics, statisticians have become the arbiters of information quality. Building the testing architecture, he argues, is becoming an engineering challenge and statisticians are poised to help stakeholders apply the principles of Quality by Design, quality control and quality improvement to mitigate the challenges of increased system complexity.

In addition to discussing the new role of quality insurance, Kenett also explains the inspiration underlying his book (co-authored with Tom Redman), The Real Work of Data Science: How to Turn Data Into Information, Better Decisions and Stronger Organizations, which will be released in 2019. 

In this video:
  • Learning from prominent British statistician and role model Sir David Cox.
  • Adapting to the process analytic techniques and online monitoring that are becoming increasingly important in advanced manufacturing.
  • Moving beyond the traditional use of statistics in an industrial setting.

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