Analytically Speaking

Using Data to Align With Your Life Purpose

With Victor Strecher

Victor Strecher, a behavioral scientist at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, is on a mission is to help others find their purpose in life. Sound lofty? It’s scalable with the help of a mobile app that acts as a digital health coach, using data and predictive modeling to guide people to alignment with their core values and goals. He talks about the studies that led to his understanding of life purpose, and how data is helping others understand their own.

In this video:
  • Designing an experiment to study how the affirmation of core values can help change behavior.
  • The benefits of approaching learning with a greater purpose in mind.
  • What happens to your health, absenteeism and presenteeism when you lack purpose at work?
  • How his app builds a within-person predictive model to help people align with their purposes.
  • Why the people who transcend are better innovators and discoverers.