Basics for Using Graph Builder

Presenter: Christian Stopp

Building and Modifying Simple Graphs Interactively

See how to:

  • Open a table and start constructing a graph (3:24)
    • Locate main areas: recall, red triangle,variables, display options, title, legend, drop zones and jitter
    • Understand how top icons change graph and their relationship to types of variables in graph (continuous, continuous and categorical, more then one categorical)
  • Build graphs for one continuous variable (line graph, bar graph, area graph, box plot, histogram, scatterplot); use row markers to display symbols (8:54)
  • Locate related options JMP offers based on changing graph type; explore bar graphs (9:35)
  • Generate box plots and histograms and compare them to scatterplots (11:52)
  • Use PC SHIFT key to add second graph type and generate statistics for both graphs (13:38)
  • R-click on graph to select context-related options; modify axis settings and save them to data table to apply to all new data added to that column variable; use the up/down and sideways hands to modify displayed axis value range  (14:26)
  • Add second variable to graph (21:35)
    • Interactively use smoother and confidence band options
    • Fit best and other types of lines
    • Show confidence bands and related statistics
    • Create density ellipse and violin (contour) plot
  • Use drop zones to examine how two variables relate to another two variables (27:18)
    • Use and compare group, wrap, overlay, color and size
  • Use Done button to finalize graph, remove option panels from display and and save script to data table (30:38)
  • Modify and preview legend interactively; add markers (31:35)

Note: Q&A included at times 35:31, 36:48, 37:46, 38:34 and 40:00.


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