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JMP Live 17: Kicking Collaboration Up a Few Notches

Eric Hill & Chris Humphrey, JMP Software Development
(Originally presented live at JMP Discovery Summit Americas, Fall 2022)

After JMP Live 16 was released, the JMP Live team and JMP product managers sorted through feedback from JMP Live customers and prospects. We then set out to address as many of these requests and concerns as humanly possible for JMP Live 17. The result is a virtually complete overhaul, designed to enhance collaboration and automate data updates. Whether your company has adopted JMP Live already, or you are still thinking about it, this talk is a must-see to understand what's coming. 

JMP Live 17 adds the concept of spaces, which provide a much more flexible way to create separate areas where different groups can collaborate and define who can create content and who can only view it. Another exciting aspect is the ability to update data in JMP Live directly from a database, without the need to rely on external tools like Task Scheduler. 

About the Presenters

Eric Hill has been a developer at SAS for 28 years, with the past 16 years spent on the JMP team. While at JMP, Hill has worked on SAS Integration, Windows user interface, the JMP Add-In facility, Query Builder, and for the past six years, JMP Live.

Chris Humphrey has worked at JMP for eight years on the Mac host team, helping to make JMP run well on the Mac. He also helped develop JMP's crash reporting system. Humphrey has spent the past few years working on JMP Live, focusing on authentication and the JSL interface.