Making better data-based decision with statistical modelling techniques

In the current landscape in which data is abundant, techniques for transforming data into insights are essential.

Join us for an introductory two-part workshop designed to equip scientists and engineers with fundamental predictive modelling techniques.

This on demand workshop will guide you through the basics of predictive modelling, helping to drive innovation and process improvement.

By participating in both sessions, you will gain valuable insights into predictive modelling and functional data analysis.


Key learning points:

Part 1: Faster Predictive Modelling

  • Explore the distinction between predictive modelling and statistical inference.
  • Discover model screening and data cleaning tools.
  • Learn strategies to manage biases and variance in predictions.
  • See how predictive models are applied in real-world scenarios.

Part 2: Understanding and Analyzing Functional Data

  • Get acquainted with functional data and its applications across industries.
  • Discover techniques in functional data analysis.
  • Investigate modelling methods for functional data.
  • Engage with case studies including UV-Vis spectrum analysis and temperature profile data. 


This two-part workshop has been designed for scientists and engineers who want to make the most of the data they have available.


Presented by the Royal Society of Chemistry

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