Successful product development often involves optimizing formulations. The goal is to find the right proportions of ingredients such that the desired product characteristics are achieved while costs are minimized.

Like a pastry chef's pursuit of the perfect cake recipe, one path to this goal is simply trial and error. Play a lot of hunches, bake a lot of cakes, and with enough time and talent, you might end up with a winner.

In complex industrial settings, though – with precise product specifications, high-cost ingredients and tight time constraints – a more disciplined approach is essential.

In this 30-minute webinar, Wendy Tseng will show you how a special class of designed experiments called mixture experiments can be used to accelerate formulation development, optimize product characteristics and minimize costs.

Through numerous examples and a plastics case study, you will learn how to:

  • Design a mixture experiment using advanced design of experiments (DOE) software.
  • Incorporate constraints into your experiment design.
  • Assess the impact of variations in process variable settings.
  • Analyze and make decisions from a mixture experiment.

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