Watch this video in which Marie Gerus-Durand from Cerba Research explains how Design of Experiments offers a strategic approach for professionals aiming to refine their operations for improved outcomes.

During this one-hour, we will gain:

  • A better understanding of DOE: A clear overview of DOE's methodologies and their impact on process optimization.
  •  Reliable outcomes: Techniques for using DOE to achieve more predictable results in your experiments.
  • Efficiency improvements: Strategies to apply DOE for more streamlined operations, leading to cost and time savings.
  • A data-driven culture: Insight into how adopting DOE equips an organization to make more data-driven decisions.

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Presenter: Marie GERUS-DURAND, Ph.D. Validation Engineer, Principal Scientist, Cerba Research

Marie GERUS-DURAND obtained a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology before working on oncology-related topics at Oxford University (UK) and at CNRS (Montpellier, France). She has worked at Cerba Research as a Validation Engineer since March 2020. Marie is in charge of developing and validating immunohistochemistry protocols for their use in clinical trials, including the analysis of the associated data to determine if the protocols meet regulatory requirements.

Watch this recording

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