Design of experiments: An essential tool for discovery and innovation

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Timothy Gardner

Reshaping the “Experiment” for 21st Century Science


“We need a revolution in science,” says Tim Gardner, CEO of Riffyn. “We’re taught that the purpose of an experiment is to answer a binary question … to define a provable hypothesis and then test it.

“This approach has carried us far, but it’s no longer sufficient.”

Gardner outlines why, in our complex world, we need to reshape scientific experimentation by using design of experiments (DOE).

You’ll see:

  • A new paradigm for thinking about experiments.
  • Why we should stop changing one factor at a time.
  • Meaningful industrial examples of DOE success.
  • A guest appearance from Gardner’s son, who explains how easy it is to get started.
Panel Discussion

Syngenta, Alvotech and FUCHS count on DOE to improve their science and engineering processes


What if you could reduce R&D time from 24 months to only six months? Hear this example and many others from panelists who are getting results with DOE. They’ll share why DOE is foundational to innovation, particularly for those who work at an organization that is establishing new products or processes or in an industry characterized by speed, precision and stiff competition.

You’ll hear from:

  • Dirk de Bruyn Ouboter, R&D IT, Syngenta Crop Protection
  • Sarah Timp, Lab Manager, Alvotech
  • Victor Guiller, R&D Engineer, FUCHS

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