Developing a shared vision for analytic excellence

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Loren Perelman, Statistically Speaking

Building a Culture of Analytic Excellence: From Data to Discovery


“What makes institutions great – and especially great at analytics?” asks Loren Perelman, Vice President of Science at Riffyn.

Is it enough to be amazing at analytics? Is it about creating the conditions and technical systems that support data-driven decision making? Or is it a journey that never ends?

Based on his journey from biopharma at Amyris to materials science and manufacturing at Bolt Threads to his current role accelerating client R&D innovation at Riffyn, Perelman identifies his pillars of building a culture of analytic excellence, including:

  • Education and on-the-job training.
  • Treating data as a core asset.
  • Attention to data management and utilization.
  • Fair data practices.
  • Liberal use of design of experiments.
Panel Discussion

Analytics champions from Dow, Unilever and Riffyn lead with a data-driven mindset


For an organization to develop a culture of analytics, it needs a shared vision, constancy of purpose and continual reinforcement. It needs software tools that can facilitate, even encourage, the use of analytics and to train people in their effective use. This fosters adoption and engagement, makes decision making more objective and transparent, and promotes data-driven collaboration within and between teams and stakeholders.

You’ll hear from:

  • Loren Perelman, Vice President of Science, Riffyn
  • Andre B. Argenton, Vice President Core Research and Development, Dow
  • Kumar Subramanyan, Director of Data Sciences, Unilever

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