Making Discoveries Easier with Design of Experiments

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Bruno Boulanger, Pharmalex

Transforming the way we innovate with DOE


What’s the best way to innovate? To try new things! Design of experiments (DOE) allows us to make better use of existing data, solve problems we couldn’t solve before, improve our decision making and innovate. The methodology also leads us to new questions we should explore.

Join us for keynote talks and a panel discussion where we’ll simplify DOE – turning it from overwhelming to imperative. Our speakers advocate for every data explorer to adopt DOE as an essential tool for efficient, effective discovery of practical insights. You’ll learn the power of DOE to help speed up innovation and achieve faster, more predictable insights.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why (and when) effective organizations use DOE.
  • Why DOE is more effective than one-factor-at-a-time experimentation.
  • How innovative organizations build smart designs more quickly and efficiently to save time and effort and make better use of resources. 

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