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Automation and Scripting

Streamlined processes. Maximized efficiency.

  • Make use of the flexibility of JMP with both a point-and-click, approachable workflow and a visual interface coupled with a deep and rich scripting interface back end.
  • Embrace automation at all levels of computer science skills. With code-free access to automation routines all the way up to completely customized applications, JMP can meet you where you are, so you use automation to achieve your goals.
  • For advanced users, empower your entire organization with applications, customized workflows, and domain-specific tools, which optionally can give users code-free access to SAS, MATLAB, Python and R routines.

Automation and Scripting With JMP: Highlighted Features

Script and Add-ins

  • Action recording
  • Save table scripts


  • R
  • Python
  • SAS


  • Workflow builder
  • Action recording
  • Automating routine tasks

Analysis that in the past required days of work to integrate data from different systems can now be done in minutes, fostering innovation through data... Without JMP I believe we would have continued to make incremental improvements, but not realized the same level of business impact.

Fabrizio Ruo Redda
Senior R&D Manager, Vishay

The best discoveries start with JMP

JMP data visualization illustration - bubble plot

JMP® Analytic Capabilities

See everything that JMP® can do for you and your organization, from data access and cleaning, to exploration and visualization, all the way through sharing and communicating your results.

JMP Analytic Capabilities

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