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JMP® 13 and JMP® Pro 13

Dig Deeper. Uncover the Unexpected.

JMP was created to empower scientists and engineers to explore data visually. Now with our latest release, JMP 13, you’ll spend less time assembling and preparing your data and more time digging deeper into the hidden possibilities your data holds.

With JMP 13, you can:
  • Find new ways of working with JMP data tables. The Query Builder for JMP affords the same query, join and filtering abilities as the database and SAS versions, but for JMP tables.
  • Expand the size of problems you can handle with virtual table joins, which add new ways of linking JMP tables in memory without physically joining them.
  • Handle new types of data, including unstructured text in surveys, comment fields and engineering reports.
  • Build drag-and-drop dashboards with an intuitive new builder that lets you take your findings and share them with others more easily.
  • Share Graph Builder visualizations as interactive HTML reports. Also aggregate multiple JMP reports into a single web page of interactive reports for sharing an entire analysis project.
With JMP Pro 13, created for analytics power users, you can:
  • Store and manage formula column scripts to organize models with a new Formula Depot platform.
  • Generate score code of your JMP models in C, SQL, SAS, JavaScript and Python to aid with model deployment.
  • Use latent information in your unstructured text data to enrich your predictive models built with your other favorite JMP Pro modeling platforms.
  • Solve problems more quickly or new types of problems all together with enrichments to many of the core modeling platforms in JMP Pro.
Learn more about the new features in JMP:

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