Find Your Serial Number or Site ID

Notes: Single-user license holders receive Serial Numbers to activate JMP and to register for technical support. If you do not have a serial number and are requesting technical support, such as for the trial version, just enter the number 0.

Only Annual license holders receive a Site ID, which displays for each user upon installation and is used when requesting JMP Technical Support.

Activate Single-User Licenses

The serial number needed to activate JMP is provided on a label located on the CD envelope. Students renting single-user copies of JMP using online download will receive their serial number via e-mail at time of purchase.

Register Single-User Licenses

Single-user license holders may also use their serial number to register their copy of JMP at any time. Registration gives you access to free maintenance upgrades as well as free technical support for one year or the term of your rental, whichever comes first. Registered users can choose to receive newsletters and other technical updates sent via email.

Registration requires a SAS Profile. Register now.

Receive Technical Support

After single-user license holders activate, JMP displays your serial number, which you can use to register JMP and receive technical support. Annual License holders use their Site ID to receive technical support.

Find Your Serial Number or Site ID

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