DOE (Design of Experiments)

Course Materials

This page contains course materials and a variety of resources for teaching design of experiments with JMP, including:

For additional resources and information on teaching state-of-the-art DOE, see the Teaching Design of Experiments in Chemistry Info Kit


JMP provides world-class capabilities for design and analysis of experiments. 

Contact the JMP Academic Team.

One Page Guides and Short How-To Videos


The complete set of guides and videos can be found at the JMP Learning Library.

Instructor Provided Videos and Resources


The completed collection of recorded videos can be found in the Academic Webinar Library. The JMP journals and datasets used in the webinars are also provided.

Textbooks and Textbook Add-Ins*

A complete list of books with JMP can be found here.  

*Textbook add-ins provide easy access to JMP data sets for popular engineering statistics books.  The complete collection of textbook add-ins can be found here.

Course Materials from the JMP Education Team at SAS*

  • JMP Software: Data Exploration
  • JMP Software: ANOVA and Regression
  • JMP Software: Classic Design of Experiments
  • JMP Software: Custom Design of Experiments
  • JMP Software: Modern Screening Designs
  • JMP Software: Mixture Experiments

*Use of these complementary materials is strictly limited to course use at degree granting academic institutions.  

Complete the Teaching Material Request form to request JMP teaching materials from SAS (scroll down, click on the link to request teaching materials, enter your SAS Profile, then scroll down to see a listing of JMP courses available for download).

JMP e-Learning Courses*

*Complementary materials available to qualified instructors for academic course use. The complete collection of complementary e-learning courses can be found here.


Other Information for Teaching and Using JMP

Documentation and Help
  • Online help:
  • In JMP, Help > Books or Help > JMP Help
Sample Data, Scripts and Add-Ins
Live and Recorded Webinars  
Q&A and Support

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