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JMP in the Cloud: Configuring and Running JMP for Non-persistent App Virtualization Services 
(Originally presented live at JMP Discovery Summit Europe, Spring 2022)

Managed, non-persistent desktop and application virtualization services are gaining popularity in organizations that wish to give employees more flexible hardware choices (so-called "BYOD" policies), while at the same time exploiting the economies of scale for desktop software management, system upgrades, scale-up and scale-down, and adjacency to cloud data sources.

In this presentation, Daniel Valente (Sr. Manager, Product Management) and Dieter Pisot (Principal Systems Enginer) examine using JMP Pro in one such service: Amazon AppStream 2.0. Daniel and Dieter cover configuration, installation, user and session management, and benchmark performance of JMP using various available instances.

You'll also see several steps of the JMP Analytic Workflow demonstrated, including Data Access (database, Query Builder, postgreSQL), Basic Data Analysis and Modeling, Sharing and Communicating Results, and JMP Live.

About the Presenters

Daniel Valente is the Director of Product Management for JMP Statistical Discovery LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of SAS that creates interactive and highly visual statistical discovery software designed for scientists and engineers.

As the leader of the family of products at JMP, Valente and his team listens to the voice of the customer, monitors the competitive landscape, and drives product direction by developing the JMP product vision and roadmaps.

He is also a frequent speaker on the value of analytics, solving problems with data and statistics and sharing discoveries far and wide within an organization.

Valente completed an NIH post-doctoral fellowship at the Boys Town National Research Hospital and holds a PhD in architectural sciences from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Dieter Pisot specializes in cloud installations and is currently the Product Manager for JMP Live, JMP's collaborative analytics software for secure, enterprisewide knowledge sharing. Before joining JMP, he held positions in Technical Support and IT application development for SAS. Pisot has a master’s degree in computer science from the Fachhochschule für Technik in Mannheim, Germany.  In his current role, Pisot works closely with sales teams to provide guidance and support throughout the JMP Live evaluation and sales cycle.