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How much time do you spend preparing your data for analysis? Many scientists, engineers and analysts spend 75% or more of their time on data preparation.

While JMP is known for its deep statistical analysis and interactive data visualization capabilities, JMP also has a rich set of data reshaping and restructuring tools, allowing users to merge all of their data into a single file, and perform intelligent and interactive table joins with ease. JMP's data cleanup capabilities include:

  • Screening for outliers.
  • Screening for entry errors, error codes or missing values.
  • Creating formula columns or derived variables; ratio columns or response transformations. 
  • Data property cleanup.
  • Binning continuous data into discrete categories.
  • Splitting strings of delimited text into multiple columns.
  • Making indicator variables.
  • Standardizing attributes across many similar-type columns.

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JMP makes data cleanup easier, allowing users to get to their analysis faster.