Data Analysis Software

For Pharmaceutical Process Engineers and Scientists

Pharmaceutical engineers and scientists are depended upon to derive insights from data, solve complex problems and design better processes. JMP data analysis software from SAS enables you to explore your process and lab data so you can understand sources of process variation, learn more from root-cause investigations, and optimize process and experimental designs, all without having to learn complicated coding.  

Key features in JMP include:

  • An intuitive and interactive interface.
  • Data visualization, data exploration and cleansing.
  • Robust process optimization.
  • Design of experiments (DOE), including classical, mixture and flexible custom designs.
  • Data mining and predictive modeling using regression, partial least squares, tree methods and neural nets
  • Quality tools for Control charts, Process capability, Reliability and Six Sigma
  • Specialized applications for product stability analysis, PK/PD curve fitting, and 4PL and 5PL models with parallelism for relative potency.


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From the bench to full scale processes, scientists, chemists and engineers use JMP data analysis software to visualize data and make better, faster decisions.