JMP®: The JMP® Scripting Language

This course is for JMP users who want to extend JMP software's functionality using the JMP Scripting Language (JSL) to automate routine tasks, extend or create new procedures, and customize reports.

This course covers the basics of scripting with JSL and then progresses to more advanced topics, including working with data tables, using matrices to facilitate computations, scripting analyses, and capturing results to make custom reports. The course also presents suggested best practices throughout.

A Self-Study lesson at the end of the course illustrates creating and using dialog boxes to adapt script behavior, and saving JMP scripts as JMP add-ins to make scripts available on demand and facilitate deployment.

This course can help prepare you for the following certification exam(s): JMP Scripting using JMP.

Duration: 5 half-day sessions

Registration Fee: $500 US

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