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Gillette uses JMP® and data-driven decision making to develop razors that deliver the most comfort and best performance

Maximum control, comfort and closeness are critical to the success of a razor. With the aim of maximizing these three Cs, Gillette uses JMP to analyze interactions among myriad design variables: cartridge size, shape and measurements, blade span and angles, skin and hair type, and more. JMP is also the go-to tool for designing experiments to optimize measurements. Additionally, in Gillette’s Reading, United Kingdom facility, researchers gather and analyze data on prototypes and products from 100 consumers per day, as well as from sensory panel participants and expert raters.

Statistician Elisa Bonvini, PhD, is a member of Procter & Gamble’s Gillette Strategic Opportunities team in Europe. To support the Procter & Gamble commitment to conducting research using sound scientific principles, Bonvini trains employees in basic statistics they can use in their daily activities. She also trains them to use JMP, which she says is critical to spreading statistical awareness within the company.

Making data-driven decisions is key to Procter & Gamble’s success and the production of our best products. JMP is helping us achieve this success.

Elisa Bonvini, PhD

Statistican, Procter & Gamble

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