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Discover What’s Hiding in Your Data With Exploratory Data Analysis

Some argue that the most crucial step in analysing data is the very first one: exploratory analysis. When you first receive a new data set, nothing is more important than the initial exploratory work you undertake to better understand what you’re looking at – and, in turn, what approach you should use to extract meaningful information.

In this online video, you’ll learn how to find the story in a raw data set – to figure out which variables matter most and which relationships provide the most valuable insights for your organisation. Data visualisation (when done right) can transform not only the way you present results to colleagues and other stakeholders in your organization, but also the way you explore and analyse the data itself.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the relationships and correlations in your data set that have implications for your work.
  • Use an approach that best fits the data you have available.
  • Turn exploratory data analysis from a job requirement to a professional advantage.


David Kriesel is a data scientist and technology engineer for P&G. Kriesel is perhaps best known for his recent hit YouTube video, "Spiegel Mining," in which he explored a vast database of articles downloaded from the popular German-language news magazine, Spiegel. In this seminar, Kriesel will show how, through data exploration methods, he has discovered some humorous, surprising and even disquieting findings about politics, Spiegel and Germany.

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