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Accelerating Process Innovation with Modern Data Analytics

Date: 19 November 2019
Time: 14:00 CET – 15:30 CET 
Location: Hotel Stücki, Badenstrasse 1, 4057 Basel, Switzerland
Registration: Free

Many companies today gain a competitive edge by speeding their time to market. They aim to grow revenues faster than the competition by: 

  • Responding best to new product enquiries or opportunities.
  • Establishing low-cost, robust processes more quickly.
  • Predictably capturing the most value and information from the least possible amount of R&D work.

The quicker they achieve these goals, the greater the potential value that is realised.

Herein lies a key opportunity for data analytics. In their December 2016 report, McKinsey & Company estimate that by embracing the analytics revolution, companies can lower product development costs by as much as 50%. The biggest barrier companies face in making this shift is organisational; they struggle to incorporate data-driven insights into day-to-day business processes. As the data grows ever more complex, the ability to bring analytical insights to life through visualisation has become an invaluable skill.

Fortunately, there are tools available to help overcome the organisational barriers of competing through smarter data analytics. In this seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Accelerate innovation cycles by using data analytics to gain deeper process knowledge.
  • Explore the data you already have to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Better communicate data insight with stakeholders through dynamic, interactive data visualisations.
  • Scale up the benefits of a data analytics strategy by using approachable statistical tools like JMP.

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Mahmoud Hammoud
Mahmoud Hammoud

Mahmoud Hammoud is a Senior Systems Engineer at JMP where he supports sales and customer development in the DACH region. Prior to joining JMP, Hammoud worked as Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel, where he helped customers in the embedded systems and internet of things market to optimize performance.

Ian Cox
Malcolm Moore

Malcolm Moore, PhD, is JMP European Technical Manager. An expert in design of experiments, Moore worked at Light Pharma, BBN and Astra Zeneca and lectured in medical statistics at Newcastle University prior to joining JMP.

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