Complimentary JMP Event

Finnish JMP® Users Group Meeting

26th September 2019 | Murata Electronics Oy | Vantaa

09:00 - 12:00 EEST

Registration Fee: FREE

Enhance your analytics game in a collaborative environment

We invite you to attend the upcoming meeting of the Finnish JMP® Users Group. This gathering will give you the opportunity to engage in collaborative learning with fellow JMP users and presenters.

Your involvement will contribute to the collective analytics knowledge of all members through cross-industry networking, support and interactive learning.

Agenda *
Registration and Coffee
Welcome and Intro (JMP)
Time saving and other advantages of using JMP at Murata
This demo shows how partition analysis can be performed automatically on the top 10 yield killers using datasets that have been created and maintained using JSL. In a matter of minutes, extraction and preparation of manufacturing data from high volume databases, pareto analysis and the selection of the top 10 issues and root causes is complete. See how a process that previously required several days to perform is finished in a short period of time.
Philip O´Leary (Murata Electronics Oy)
11:00Introduction to functional data and the Functional Data Explorer
Examples of “functional”, “trace” or “profile” data are common in science and industry:
  • Repeated sensor measurements in time
  • Formulation experiments with responses that are behaviours over a range of temperatures
  • Shear/viscosity curves
  • Spectral/chromatographic curves
  • Dissolution profiles
  • ...and more

Scientists and engineers often struggle to know what to do with data that is not just a single value for each batch, run or sample. Often the useful information is in the whole profile or curve.
Now you can use all of this functional data from your experiments or manufacturing processes. You can see how a functional response changes as the settings of experimental factors are changed and optimize your process to give the best response. And you can use sensor data to predict product quality in manufacturing situations.
(Christian Larsen, JMP)

11:45Resources for Users and planning of the next Users Group meeting

* This agenda is subject to change in content or order without prior notice.

Join your peers at the users group meeting to:

  • Learn about the latest JMP products, capabilities and services.
  • Discover the innovative ways others are solving real-world problems with analytics-driven decision making.
  • Improve your efficiency and productivity by learning about new analysis techniques and modelling.
  • Provide feedback that can shape future JMP software features.

Whether you're new to JMP or an experienced user, you're sure to glean new insights into statistical data discovery. Come prepared to ask questions and share any of your favourite tips or tricks.

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