Smart Trial and Error for Rapid Innovation




10:00 - 12:15 GMT

How can you speed innovation at your organization?

Trying new things is foundational to innovation. With careful planning, we can gain fundamental knowledge of our systems, processes and products. Without this knowledge in an ever-changing world, we run the risk of losing our competitive advantage, profits or business. 

Every engineer and scientist who wants to efficiently and effectively discover insights must understand how to conduct smart trial and error. It is one of the best-kept secrets among the most innovative organizations.

Join us for a virtual panel discussion about the power of smart trial and error to speed innovation.    

Learning objectives 

  • How do successful organizations achieve rapid innovation? 
  • Why don’t more organizations take advantage of strategic trial and error? 
  • How can you start and lead initiatives to strategically try new things at your organization?

Meet the Panelists

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