Statistical Discovery Software for Chemists

Chemists and chemical engineers have data that needs to be modeled and understood. JMP statistical discovery software from SAS includes a full suite of capabilities that lets chemists and other data explorers in chemical companies understand processes, optimize experiments and perform root-cause analyses – all in a visual and interactive way.

Key features in JMP include:

  • Data visualization, exploration and cleansing.
  • Process optimization.
  • Design of experiments (DOE): classical, mixture and total flexibility with custom designs.
  • Data mining and predictive modeling including partial least squares (PLS) and principal components analysis (PCA).
  • Process capability, SPC tools.
  • Six Sigma DMAIC tools.

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See JMP in action by watching one of the following webinars whenever you want. These presentations focus on case studies in the chemical industry.

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Green Chemistry at Novomer with JMP
JMP has helped us screen different reaction conditions in a very logical way to give us a starting point for optimization.
Scott Allen

Co-Founder and Vice President
of Catalyst Development at Novomer

Read how JMP plays a pivotal roll in moving Novomer’s technology forward.

Statistics in Chemistry Award

The Statistics in Chemistry Award was established in 1990 to recognize outstanding collaborative endeavors between statisticians and chemists. JMP Principal Research Fellow, Bradley Jones, and Co-Founder and Vice President of Catalyst Development of Novomer, Scott Allen, received this award for their outstanding collaborative work in development of new catalyst for CO2-based polymers that sequester CO2.

BASF finds the secret to cleaner dishes and waterways

Using JMP, BASF chemists designed a new cleaning formulation now used in place of phosphates by dish detergent manufacturers around the world.

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DOE Makes a Comeback

Design of experiments is more popular than ever at chemical and pharmaceutical companies. So says an article in Chemical and Engineering News.

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