JMP® Live for Users

Quickly share interactive reports and analyses through simple, web-based publishing

Scientists and engineers know the value of sharing insights as they emerge. JMP Live — the newest member of the JMP product family — takes the robust statistics and visualizations in JMP and extends them to the web, privately and securely. Showing data and sharing discoveries just got easier with JMP Live.

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Share discoveries with confidence

JMP Live is your knowledge repository for discoveries made in JMP. Share using simple report publishing that fits seamlessly into the JMP analysis workflow. Publish data, dashboards or reports to JMP Live, where colleagues can view your findings on the web. Rely on the proven statistics and visualization capabilities of JMP for analyses, and allow JMP Live to get your findings to others.

Explore the right data at any time

Having access to the right data at the right time is essential. JMP Live lets you view others’ findings, when you need to, wherever you are. With the power of the JMP analytic engine on board, you can review reports interactively, digging into subsets of the original data and examining updated models live. Adjust what you see using exploratory data tools such as the local data filter or column switcher to see another view of the data in seconds.

Explore the right data at any time

Manage reports in one central location

Use JMP Live to collaborate when you need to, without relying on IT resources to run reports or manage servers. Publish your analyses to one central location without sending large files, and embed reports in web pages for quick access — all at the moment you're ready to share. Plus, when data changes, you can replace reports quickly or automate the publishing of routine reports to provide the latest details from one source of truth.

Why JMP Live

  • Focus on discoveries

    Spend time digging into the data, exploring findings and focusing on the analyses rather than regenerating reports.

  • Share results

    Distribute findings quickly and easily with report publishing that fits smoothly into your analysis workflow.

  • Collaborate across the organization

    Get the latest data into the hands of colleagues and management for effective collaboration and decision-making with current reports.

  • Automate publishing

    Enrich the impact of shared analyses by automating report publishing for the most current results in JMP Live, all the time.

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