JMP Academic Suite

for Doctoral Training in Sciences and Engineering

When Imperial College started its Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) for Chemistry, it asked the Chemistry industry to identify the most in-demand skills. The overwhelming answer came loud and clear… Design of Experiments (DOE) is not covered at undergraduate level yet, but is an essential skill for ensuring efficiency, rapid innovation and reliable timescales in R&D. In Imperial’s survey, 96 per cent of industry respondents said DOE was essential or desirable.

JMP Academic Suite (DTSE)

Working in partnership with Imperial College and other leading academic and industrial institutions, JMP has developed the Academic Suite for Doctoral Training in Sciences and Engineering  (DTSE). Through hands-on experience with modern statistical approaches and Design of Experiments (DOE) methods, access to JMP Pro and 'train the trainer' sessions, it equips today's doctoral training students for the demands of industry. 

JMP Academic Suite (DTSE) includes:

  • Delivery of a two-day DOE course
    Backed up by free teaching material, online resources, train-the-trainer support
  • Access to JMP Pro software
    Access to the latest version of JMP Pro for all students and faculties in multi-user labs and on private Windows or Mac computers
  • Access to the JMP Academic-Industry Network
    Fostering closer collaboration and opportunities with worldwide industry leaders

Ready to start?

  1. Click the button to connect with the JMP Academic Team. They will answer all your questions about this offering and provide a live overview of all resources.
  2. Agree the timeline for your first course delivery and roll-out of JMP Pro. 
  3. Deliver your first training session with JMP Pro.


On-Demand Webinar

Join Dr. Ben Deadman from EPSRC-funded ROAR at Imperial College London for first-hand lessons learnt and insight into Imperial's approach to teaching DOE with JMP

Watch the On-Demand Webinar hosted by ChemistryWorld

Doctoral Training candidates feedback at Imperial College:

"The workshop provided a way of thinking about experimental design and optimisation that I had never been exposed to and will absolutely change the way I think about experiments/optimisation"

"This has been an incredibly valuable workshop for me, I'm really looking forward to using what I've been taught in my research"

Why should your candidates learn about DOE?

The reality for many R&D teams working in industry today is that there is more work than time available, resources are stretched, and outcomes and timeframes can be unpredictable. DOE is critical for realizing the benefits of data analytics quickly. It helps businesses make better decisions faster and meet project milestones more predictably.

By learning the skills and techniques to work effectively in industrial roles, candidates are more likely to achieve personal success. They can focus on finding solutions to the challenges their organizations are trying to overcome, helping to drive innovation and deliver the next breakthrough in their field.

Statistics, Data Science and Experimental Design in Engineering Curricula

Delivered in partnership with SEFI, featuring Professor Peter Goos, KU Leuven

Watch On-Demand Webinar

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