Course Materials

Applets for Teaching and Learning

JMP applets and calculators provide enhanced interactive teaching and learning tools allowing you to visually explore fundamental concepts of statistics.

JMP offers a collection of teaching applets and interactive visualizations demonstrating core statistical concepts: sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing for means and proportions, plus probability distributions, regression, and ANOVA. JMP also provides calculators for confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, and sample size for confidence intervals on means and proportions. These are ideal for exploring how the width of confidence intervals change, how test results change, or how the calculated sample size changes as different input values are used.

The easiest way to access these tools is through the Student Add-In, which adds a Student menu item that contains the tools to your version of JMP. Click the Download Now button to the right to get the add-in. Currently available for English only.

The applets and calculators can also be accessed by going to Help > Sample Index and setting the Content Type filter to “Tool” (in JMP 17 and previous, they are available in the Sample Index under the Teaching Resources section).

Student Add-In

Click below to access the latest download.

Additional Add-Ins

Dozens of other add-ins that extend JMP’s features and functionality are available at the JMP Community here