Successful companies in chemical, biotech, life-sciences process industries apply statistical methods to accelerate innovation and reduce production cost. Explore this series of industry led papers and events to learn how to discover insights in your data, reduce time to market, uncover and solve blind spots in processes.

Featured Resources

On-Demand Webinar

WL Gore: Optimising production processes with Design of Experiments

Learn how WL Gore use definitive screening designs to analyse multiple factors and optimise production processes. Watch this on-demand webinar from Chemistry World to learn more 

CHEManager International Article

Transforming Research and Development with Design of Experiments

As products and processes become more complex, subject matter expertise alone does not always deliver progress at the pace demanded. “Trial-and-error” methods do not always yield optimal solutions when time is limited. A more systematic approach is required.

JMP Success Story

At Lonza, institutional analytics speed manufacturing process innovation

Lonza was able to increase overall yield by nearly a factor of two – an impressive result for a process in which scientists are often unable to make meaningful advances so quickly. “The customer was really happy, and we were really happy as well,” says Process Expert Andreas Trautmann.

CHEManager International Webinar

Accelerating Drug Commercialization 

Julia O'Neill shows how modern, data-driven experimentation can accelerate the development and supply chain for drugs and immunizations - to make sure that these products get to the patients who need them as quickly as possible. A webinar by JMP and CHEManager International

White Paper

Optimizing Pharmaceutical Production Processes Using Quality by Design Methods

This whitepaper shows how to use a quality by design approach in the design, development, and monitoring of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Virtual Conference

Discovery Summit

Discovery Summit provides tangible ways to improve your work, and the inspiration to get started. Where else can you find thought-provoking plenary presentations, talks from major companies who have been successful with analytics and unprecedented access to JMP staff – all in one place and all for free?

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