How do I get JMP® 15?

JMP® 15 and JMP® Pro 15 are here. Here's how to get them.

There are a few different ways to get the new version of JMP. The method that is right for you depends on the kind of license you have.

Annual license

If you’ve got a license that renews annually, an upgrade to JMP is included as a part of your license. Ask your software administrator to request the upgrade.

If you don’t know who your software administrator is, contact us with your Site ID number, and we can point you to the right person.

No annual license

If you have a single, perpetual license or no license at all, contact us to get an annual license for this and all future versions of JMP.

You also have the option to buy a license for yourself.

Determine your license type

You may not know what kind of license you have, but it's easy to find out. Look in the “About JMP…” window.

Still don't know what to do?

We are always here to help and only a email or phone call away.

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