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With JMP you have access to a range of resources to help you grow your statistical discovery skills

Learning Resources

Now that you've invested in the most comprehensive statistical discovery product out there, it's time to tap into its full potential. JMP live webinars and videos guide you as you learn new ways to overcome business obstacles and discover innovative solutions. Self-paced and instructor-led courses offer a deep dive into using JMP for statistical methods, modeling, and communicating results.

JMP User Community

The online User Community is a vibrant place to connect, engage, and learn with other JMP users. Statistical experts, experienced JMP users, and supportive JMP staff are part of an active community that is ready to answer your questions quickly. You can use the File Exchange to find add-ins that can help you extend JMP or expand your JMP technical knowledge with helpful how-to articles in the blogs.

User Community
Regional Users Groups

JMP Discovery Summit Series

Several times a year, around the world, JMP users and other analytic experts come together to be inspired and share successes at Discovery Summit conferences. With keynotes by thought provoking experts and breakout sessions from JMP developers, technical staff, and users from various industries, you'll find yourself reinvigorated and ready to tackle your most difficult analytics challenges.

Technical Support

At JMP, technical support is an essential part of our mission to empower users to make the best use of our software. Our team of statisticians and engineers, many of whom have graduate degrees in statistics or other technical disciplines, can answer your questions about using features in JMP and help you understand options to perform the analyses you need.

Technical Support

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