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JMP001Medical MalpracticeHealthcareInsurance Claims ManagementSummary Statistics & Box Plot
JMP002Baggage ComplaintsOperationsCustomer CareTime Series Plots & Descriptive Statistics
JMP003Defect SamplingEngineeringManufacturing Quality Tabulation & Summary Statistics
JMP004Film on the RocksMarketingResearch MethodsChi-Squared Test & Distribution
JMP005Improving Patient SatisfactionLife SciencesQuality ImprovementCorrelation & Summary Statistics
JMP006Price QuotesMarketingPricing One Sample t - Test
JMP007Treatment FacilityOperationsQuality ImprovementTwo Sample t - Test & Welch Test
JMP008SiblingsGeneralTransforming DataNormality & Transformation
JMP009Fish StoryFinanceResource ManagementNon parametric & Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test
JMP010Subliminal MessagesSocial SciencesExperimentst - Test & Wilcoxon Rank Sums test
JMP011Priority AssessmentOperationsProject ManagementANOVA & Welch Test
JMP012BackgammonGeneralGames t - Test & One way ANOVA
JMP013Per Capita IncomeSocial SciencesDemographicsANOVA & Kruskal-Wallis Test
JMP014Kerrich : Is a Coin Fair?GeneralGames of ChanceSimulation for One Proportion
JMP015Lister and Germ TheoryLife SciencesDiseaseChi-Squared Test & Relative Risk
JMP016Salk VaccineLife SciencesVaccinesChi-Squared Test & Fisher's Exact Test
JMP017Smoking and Lung CancerLife SciencesOncologyOdds Ratio & Conditional Probability
JMP018Mendel's Law of InheritanceLife SciencesGeneticsChisquare test for Multiple Proportions
JMP019ContributionsMarketingFundraisingSimple Linear Regression & Prediction Intervals
JMP020Direct MailMarketingAdvertisingTime Series & Simple Linear Regression
JMP021Cost LeadershipMarketingStrategyCurve Fitting and Regression
JMP022ArchosaurLife SciencesPaleontologySimple Linear Regression & Transformation
JMP023Cell Phone ServiceOperationsService ReliabilityMultiple Linear Regression & Correlation
JMP024Housing PricesMarketingPricingMultiple Linear Regression & Model Diagnostics
JMP025Bank RevenueFinanceRevenue ManagementStepwise Regression & Model Diagnostics
JMP026Lost SalesOperationsSalesLogistic Regression & Chi Squared test
JMP027Titanic PassengersHistoryDemographyLogistic Regression & Odds Ratio
JMP028*Credit Card MarketingMarketingCustomer AcquisitionClassification Tree & Model Validation
JMP029Call Center ImprovementOperationsCustomer CareProcess Capability & Partition Model
JMP030Customer ChurnMarketingCustomer RetentionNeural Networks & Variable importance
JMP031*Boston HousingSocial SciencesSocioeconomicsPredictive Modeling & Model comparison
JMP032Durability of Mobile Phone Screen - Part 1EngineeringProduct TestingChi Squared Test & Relative Risk
JMP033Durability of Mobile Phone Screen - Part 2EngineeringProduct TestingChi Squared Test & Odds Ratio
JMP034Durability of Mobile Phone Screen - Part 3EngineeringProduct TestingUnivariate Logistic Regression
JMP035Durability of Mobile Phone Screen - Part 4EngineeringProduct TestingMultivariate Logistic Regression
JMP036Online Mortgage ApplicationMarketingCustomer AcquisitionPopulation Parameter Estimation
JMP037Performance of Food Manufacturing Process - Part 1EngineeringQuality ManagementDescriptive Statistics & Visualization
JMP038Performance of Food Manufacturing Process - Part 2EngineeringQuality ManagementNormality & Test of Standard deviation
JMP039Detergent Cleaning EffectivenessOperationsProduct Managementt - Test & ANOVA
JMP040Manufacturing Systems VariationEngineeringQuality ImprovementVariability Gauge R&R, Variance Components
JMP041*Text Exploration of PatentsGeneralKnowledge ManagementWord Cloud & Term Selection
JMP042US Stock IndicesFinanceTime Series AnalysisStationarity & Differencing
JMP043Pricing Musical InstrumentMarketingResearch MethodsConjoint, Part Worths, OLS, Utility
JMP044Pricing SpectaclesMarketingResearch MethodsDiscrete choice & Willingness to Pay
JMP045Modeling Gold PricesFinanceTime Series AnalysisARIMA Models & Model Comparison
JMP046EndangeredLife SciencesEcologyNon Parametric Kendall's Tau & Normality
JMP047Manufacturing Excellence at Pharma Company - Part 1EngineeringPharmaceutical ManufacturinStatistical Quality Control
JMP048Manufacturing Excellence at Pharma Company - Part 2EngineeringPharmaceutical ManufacturingStatistical Process Control
JMP049Manufacturing Excellence at Pharma Company - Part 3EngineeringPharmaceutical ManufacturingDesign of Experiments
JMP050Polymerization at Lohmann - Part 1EngineeringChemical ManufacturingDesign of Experiments
JMP051*Polymerization at Lohmann - Part 2EngineeringChemical ManufacturingFunctional Data Exploration (FDE)
JMP052Optimization of Microbial Cultivation ProcessEngineeringBiotech ManufacturingDesign of Experiments
JMP053Cluster Analysis in the Public SectorMarketingDemographyPCA & Clustering
JMP054Forecasting Copper PricesFinanceTime Series ForecastingExponential Smoothing Methods
JMP055Increasing Bioavailability of a Drug using SMEDDSEngineeringPharmaceutical FormulationDesign of Experiments, Mixture Design
JMP056Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?Life SciencesEcologyGeneralized Linear Mixed Models & Forecasting
JMP057Exploratory Factor Analysis of Trust in Online SellersSocial SciencesResearch MethodsExploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), Bartlett’s Test, KMO Test
JMP058*Modeling Online Shopping PerceptionsSocial SciencesResearch MethodsConfirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
JMP059*Functional Data Analysis for HPLC OptimizationLife SciencesBiotechnologyFunctional Data Analysis, Functional DOE
JMP060*Nonlinear Regression Modeling for Cell Growth OptimizationLife SciencesBiotechnologyNonlinear Modeling, Curve DOE
JMP061*Quantifying Sentiment in Economic ReportsFinanceResearch MethodsSentiment Analysis

Monitoring Fish Abundance in the Mesoamerican Reef
Life SciencesEcologyExploratory data analysis, data visualization

*: The cases with * need JMP Pro

About the Authors

Dr. Marlene Smith

University of Colorado Denver

Jim Lamar

Saint-Gobain NorPro

Mia Stephens


Dr. DeWayne Derryberry

Idaho State University

Eric Stephens

Nashville General Hospital

Dr. Shirley Shmerling

University of Massachusetts

Dr. Volker Kraft


Dr. Markus Schafheutle


Dr. M Ajoy Kumar

Siddaganga Institute of Technology

Sam Gardner

Eli Lilly

Dr. Jennifer Verdolin

University of Arizona

Kevin Potcner


Dr. Jane Oppenlander

Clarkson University

Dr. Mary Ann Shifflet

University of South Indiana

Muralidhara A


Dr. Jim Grayson

Augusta University

Dr. Robert Carver

Brandeis University

Dr. Frank Deruyck

University College Ghent

Dr. Simon Stelzig

Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG

Andreas Trautmann

Lonza Group AG

Claire Baril

Lonza Group AG

Chandramouli R


Ross Metusalem


Benjamin Ingham

The University of Manchester

Melanie McField

Healthy Reefs for Healthy People

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Medical Malpractice

Explore claim payment amounts for medical malpractice lawsuits and identify factors that appear to influence the amount of the payment using descriptive statistics and data visualizations.

Key words: Summary statistics, frequency distribution, histogram, box plot, bar chart, Pareto plot, and pie chart

Baggage Complaints

Analyze and compare baggage complaints for three different airlines using descriptive statistics and time series plots. Explore differences between the airlines, whether complaints are getting better or worse over time, and if there are other factors, such as destinations, seasonal effects or the volume of travelers that might affect baggage performance.

Key words: Time series plots, summary statistics

Defect Sampling

Explore the effectiveness of different sampling plans in detecting changes in the occurrence of manufacturing defects.

Key words: Tabulation, histogram, summary statistics, and time series plots

Film on the Rocks

Use survey results from a summer movie series to answer questions regarding customer satisfaction, demographic profiles of patrons, and the use of media outlets in advertising.

Key words: Bar charts, frequency distribution, summary statistics, mosaic plot, contingency table, (cross-tabulations), and chi-squared test

Improving Patient Satisfaction

Analyze patient complaint data at a medical clinic to identify the issues resulting in customer dissatisfaction and determine potential causes of decreased patient volume. 

Key words: Frequency distribution, summary statistics, Pareto plot, tabulation, scatterplot, run chart, correlation

Price Quotes

Evaluate the price quoting process of two different sales associate to determine if there is inconsistency between them to decide if a new more consistent pricing process should be developed.

Key words: Histograms, summary statistics, confidence interval for the mean, one sample t-Test

Treatment Facility

Determine what effect a reengineering effort had on the incidence of behavioral problems and turnover at a treatment facility for teenagers.

Key words: Summary statistics, time series plots, normal quantile plots, two sample t-Test, unequal variance test, Welch's test


Use data from a survey of students to perform exploratory data analysis and to evaluate the performance of different approaches to a statistical analysis.

Key words: Histograms, normal quantile plots, log transformations, confidence intervals, inverse transformation

Fish Story: Not Too Many Fishes in the Sea

Use the DASL Fish Prices data to investigate whether there is evidence that overfishing occurred from 1970 to 1980.

Key words: Histograms, normal quantile plots, log transformations, inverse transformation, paired t-test, Wilcoxon signed rank test

Subliminal Messages

Determine whether subliminal messages were effective in increasing math test scores, and if so, by how much.

Key words: Histograms, summary statistics, box plots, t-Test and pooled t-Test, normal quantile plot, Wilcoxon Rank Sums test, Cohen's d

Priority Assessment

Determine whether a software development project prioritization system was effective in speeding the time to completion for high priority jobs.

Key words: Summary statistics, histograms, normal quantile plot, ANOVA, pairwise comparison, unequal variance test, and Welch's test


Determine if a backgammon program has been upgraded by comparing the performance of a player against the computer across different time periods.

Key words: Histograms, confidence intervals, stacking data, one-way ANOVA, unequal variances test, one-sample t-Test, ANOVA table and calculations, F Distribution, F ratios

Per Capita Income

Use data from the World Factbook to explore wealth disparities between different regions of the world and identify those with the highest and lowest wealth.

Key words: Geographic mapping, histograms, log transformation, ANOVA, Welch's ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis

Kerrich: Is a Coin Fair?

Using outcomes for 10,000 flips of a coin, use descriptive statistics, confidence intervals and hypothesis tests to determine whether the coin is fair. 

Key words: Bar charts, confidence intervals for proportions, hypothesis testing for proportions, likelihood ratio, simulating random data, scatterplot, fitting a regression line

Lister and Germ Theory

Use results from a 1860’s sterilization study to determine if there is evidence that the sterilization process reduces deaths when amputations are performed.

Key words: Mosaic plots, contingency tables, Pearson and likelihood ratio tests, Fisher's exact test, two-sample proportions test, one- and two-sided tests, confidence interval for the difference, relative risk

Salk Vaccine

Using data from a 1950’s study, determine whether the polio vaccine was effective in a cohort study, and, if it was, quantify the degree of effectiveness.

Key words: Bar charts, two-sample proportions test, relative risk, two-sided Pearson and likelihood ratio tests, Fisher's exact test, and the Gamma measure of association

Smoking and Lung Cancer

Use the results of a retrospective study to determine if there is a positive association between smoking and lung cancer, and estimate the risk of lung cancer for smokers relative to non-smokers.

Key words: Mosaic plots, two-by-two contingency tables, odds ratios and confidence intervals, conditional probability, hypothesis tests for proportions (likelihood ratio, Pearson's, Fisher's Exact, two sample tests for proportions)

Mendel's Laws of Inheritance

Use the data sets provided to explore Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance for dominant and recessive traits.

Key words: Bar charts, frequency distributions, goodness-of-fit tests, mosaic plot, hypothesis tests for proportions


Predict year-end contributions in an employee fund-raising drive.

Key words: Summary statistics, time series plots, simple linear regression, predicted values, prediction intervals

Direct Mail

Evaluate different regression models to determine if sales at small retail shop are influence by direct mail campaign and using the resulting models to predict sales based upon the amount of marketing.

Key words: Time series plots, simple linear regression, lagged variables, predicted values, prediction intervals

Cost Leadership

Assess the effectiveness of a cost leadership strategy in increasing market share, and assess the potential for additional gains in market share under the current strategy.

Key words: Simple linear regression, spline fitting, transformations, predicted values, prediction intervals

Archosaur:  The Relationship Between Body Size and Brain Size

Analyze data on the brain and body weight of different dinosaur species to determine if a proposed statistical model performs well at describing the relationship and use the model to predict brain weight based on body weight.

Key words: Histogram and summary statistics, fitting a regression line, log transformations, residual plots, interpreting regression output and parameter estimates, inverse transformations

Cell Phone Service

Determine whether wind speed and barometric pressure are related to phone call performance (percentage of dropped or failed calls) and use the resulting model to predict the percentage of bad calls based upon the weather conditions.

Key words: Histograms, summary statistics, simple linear regression, multiple regression, scatterplot, 3D-scatterplot

Housing Prices

After determining which factors relate to the selling prices of homes located in and around a ski resort, develop a model to predict housing prices.

Key words: Scatterplot matrix, correlations, multiple regression, stepwise regression, multicollinearity, model building, model diagnostics

Bank Revenues

A bank wants to understand how customer banking habits contribute to revenues and profitability. Build a model that allows the bank to predict profitability for a given customer. The resulting model will be used to forecast bank revenues and guide the bank in future marketing campaigns.

Key words: Log transformation, stepwise regression, regression assumptions, residuals, Cook’s D, model coefficients, singularity, prediction profiler, inverse transformations

Lost Sales

Determine whether certain conditions make it more likely that a customer order will be won or lost.

Key words: Bar charts, frequency distribution, mosaic plots, contingency table, chi-squared test, logistic regression, predicted values, confusion matrix

Titanic Passengers

Use the passenger data related to the sinking of the RMS Titanic ship to explore some questions of interest about survival rates for the Titanic. For example, were there some key characteristics of the survivors? Were some passenger groups more likely to survive than others? Can we accurately predict survival?

Key words: Logistic regression, log odds and logit, odds, odds ratios, prediction profiler

Credit Card Marketing

A bank would like to understand the demographics and other characteristics associated with whether a customer accepts a credit card offer. Build a Classification model that will provide insight into why some bank customers accept credit card offers.

Key words: Classification trees, training & validation, confusion matrix, misclassification, leaf report, ROC curves, lift curves

Call Center Improvement: Visual Six Sigma

The scenario relates to the handling of customer queries via an IT call center. The call center performance is well below best in class. Identify potential process changes to allow the call center to achieve best in class performance.

Key words: Interactive data visualization, graphs, distribution, tabulate, recursive partitioning, process capability, control chart, multiple regression, prediction profiler

Customer Churn

Analyze the factors related to customer churn of a mobile phone service provider. The company would like to build a model to predict which customers are most likely to move their service to a competitor. This knowledge will be used to identify customers for targeted interventions, with the ultimate goal of reducing churn.

Key words: Neural networks, activation functions, model validation, confusion matrix, lift, prediction profiler, variable importance

Boston Housing

Build a variety of prediction models (multiple regression, partition tree, and a neural network) to determine the one that performs the best at predicting house prices based upon various characteristics of the house and its location.

Key words: Stepwise regression, regression trees, neural networks, model validation, model comparison

Durability of Mobile Phone Screen - Part 1

Evaluate the durability of mobile phone screens in a drop test. Determine if a desired level of durability is achieved for each of two types of screens and compare performance.

Key words: Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Tests for One and Two Population Proportions, Chi-square, Relative Risk

Durability of Mobile Phone Screen - Part 2

Evaluate the durability of mobile phone screens in a drop test at various drop heights. Determine if a desired level of durability is achieved for each of three types of screens and compare performance.

Key words: Contingency analysis, comparing proportions via difference, relative risk and odds ratio

Durability of Mobile Phone Screen - Part 3

Evaluate the durability of mobile phone screens in a drop test across various heights by building individual simple logistic regression models. Use the models to estimate the probability of a screen being damaged across any drop height.

Key words: Single variable logistic regression, inverse prediction

Durability of Mobile Phone Screen - Part 4

Evaluate the durability of mobile phone screens in a drop test across various heights by building a single multiple logistic regression model. Use the model to estimate the probability of a screen being damaged across any drop height.

Key words: Multivariate logistic regression, inverse prediction, odds ratio

Online Mortgage Application

Evaluate the potential improvement to the UI design of an online mortgage application process by examining the usability rating from a sample of 50 customers and comparing their performance using the new design vs. a large collection of historic data on customer’s performance with the current design.

Key words: Distribution, normality, normal quantile plot, Shapiro Wilk and Anderson Darling tests, t-Test

Performance of Food Manufacturing Process - Part 1

Evaluate the performance to specifications of a food manufacturing process using graphical analyses and numerical summarizations of the data.

Key words: Distribution, summary statistics, time series plots

Performance of Food Manufacturing Process - Part 2

Evaluate the performance to specifications of a food manufacturing process using confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.

Key words: Distribution, normality, normal quantile plot, Shapiro Wilk and Anderson Darling tests, test of mean and test of standard deviation

Detergent Cleaning Effectiveness

Analyze the results of an experiment to determine if there is statistical evidence demonstrating an improvement in a new laundry detergent formulation. Explore and describe the affect that multiple factors have on a response, as well as identify conditions with the most and least impact.

Key words: Analysis of variance (ANOVA), t-Test, pairwise comparison, model diagnostics, model performance

Manufacturing Systems Variation

Study the use of Nested Variability chart to understand and analyze the different components of variances. Also explore the ways to minimize the variability by applying various rules of operation related to variance.

Key words: Variability gauge, nested design, component analysis of variance

Text Exploration of Patents

This study requires the use of unstructured data analysis to understand and analyze the text related to patents filed by different companies.

Key words: Word cloud, data visualization, term selection

US Stock Indices

Understand the basic concepts related to time series data analysis and explore the ways to practically understand the risks and rate of return related to the financial indices data.

Key words: Differencing, log transformation, stationarity, Augmented Dickey Fuller (ADF) test

Pricing Musical Instrument

Study the application of regression and concepts related to choice modeling (also called conjoint analysis) to understand and analyze the importance of the product attributes and their levels influencing the preferences.

Key words: Part Worth, regression, prediction profiler

Pricing Spectacles

Design and analyze discrete choice experiments (also called conjoint analysis) to discover which product or service attributes are preferred by potential customers.

Key words: Discrete choice design, regression, utility and probability profiler, willingness to pay

Modeling Gold Prices

Learn univariate time series modeling using US Gold Prices. Build AR, MA, ARMA and ARMA models to analyze the characteristics of the time series data and forecast.

Key words: Stationarity, AR, MA, ARMA, ARIMA, model comparison and diagnostics


Explore statistical evidence demonstrating an association between Saguro size and the amount of flowers it produces.

Key words: Kendall's Tau, correlation, normality, regression

Manufacturing Excellence at Pharma Company - Part 1

Use control charts to understand process stability and analyze the patterns of process variation.

Key words: Statistical Process Control, Control Chart, Process Capability

Manufacturing Excellence at Pharma Company - Part 2

Use Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) to assess the precision, consistency and bias of a measurement system.

Key words: Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Manufacturing Excellence at Pharma Company - Part 3

Use Design of Experiments (DOE) to advance knowledge about the process.

Key words: Definitive Screening Design, Custom Design, Design Comparison. Prediction, Simulation and Optimization

Polymerization at Lohmann - Part 1

Application of statistical methods to understand the process and enhance its performance through Design of Experiments and regression techniques.

Key words: Custom Design, Stepwise Regression, Prediction Profiler

Polymerization at Lohmann - Part 2

Use Functional Data Analysis to understand the intrinsic structure of the data.

Key words: Functional Data Analysis (FDA), B Splines, Functional PCA, Generalized Regression

Optimization of Microbial Cultivation Process

Use Design of Experiments (DOE) to optimize the microbial cultivation process.

Key words: Custom Design, Design Evaluation, Predictive Modeling

Cluster Analysis in the Public Sector

Use PCA and Clustering techniques to segment the demographic data.

Key words: Clustering, Principal Component Analysis, Exploratory Data Analysis

Forecasting Copper Prices

Learn various exponential smoothing techniques to build various forecasting models and compare them.

Key words: Time series forecasting, Exponential Smoothing

Increasing Bioavailability of a Drug using SMEDDS

Use Mixture/formulation design to optimize multiple responses related to bioavailability of a drug.

Key words: Custom Design, Mixture/Formulation Design, Optimization

Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?

Apply time series forecasting and Generalized linear mixed model (GLMM) to evaluate butterfly populations being impacted by climate and land-use changes.

Key words: Time series forecasting, Generalized linear mixed model

Exploratory Factor Analysis of Trust in Online Sellers

Apply exploratory factor analysis to uncover latent factor structure in an online shopping questionnaire.

Key words: Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), Bartlett’s Test, KMO Test

Modeling Online Shopping Perceptions

Apply measurement and structural models to survey responses from online shoppers to build and evaluate competing models.

Key words: Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Measurement and Structural Regression Models, Model Comparison

Functional Data Analysis for HPLC Optimization

Apply functional data analysis and functional design of experiments (FDOE) for the optimization of an analytical method to allow for the accurate quantification of two biological components.

Key words: Functional Data Analysis, Functional PCA, Functional DOE

Nonlinear Regression Modeling for Cell Growth Optimization

Apply nonlinear models to understand the impact of factors on a cell growth.

Key words: Nonlinear Modeling, Logistic 3P, Curve DOE

Quantifying Sentiment in Economic Reports

Apply Sentiment analysis to quantify the emotion in unstructured text.

Key words: Word Cloud, Sentiment Analysis

Monitoring Fish Abundance in the Mesoamerican Reef

Apply exploratory data analysis in the context of wildlife monitoring and nature conservation

Key words: Summary statistics, Crosstabulation, Data visualization